“Discovering China’s Hidden Gem-Ancient Bai Tie-dye Technique”

YUNZO X Curated Crowd

This workshop will be taught by a 26th generation inheritor from the birthplace of Bai Tie-Dye in southwestern China, focusing on making patterns by using the ancient Chinese technique known as Bai Indigo Tie-Dye. During the workshop, you will also experience the Chinese tea ceremony, creating a relaxing environment while you enjoy leaning the craft making techniques.  

You will be introduced to:

  • The history about Bai ethnic minority group from southwestern China

  • Three different Bai Tie-dye stitches

You are free to chose any YUNZO products that you would like to dye:

  • 100% natural cotton & silk scarf 

  • YUNZO tote bag

Workshop Location: Curated Crowd Pop-up Store, 71 Duke Street, Mayfair, W1K 5NX

Workshop Ticket:

£59 per person / one session  (complementary drinks and snacks will be provided)

Workshop Date:

07/07/2019 - Sunday 1pm - 4pm



10 am Crafts Exhibition Opens

Some ancient crafts artworks from southwestern China will be displayed during the workshop.

1 pm - 4pm Workshop

  • Small Talk and Story Sharing: ‘Crafts inheritance and innovation’

  • Bai Tie-dyeing Demonstration and Workshop

  • Chinese Tea Ceremony

Chinese Tea Ceremony – ‘Relaxation, Meditation, inspiration’

China is widely known as the hometown of tea, with a tea history of around 4000 years. Tea ceremony originates in China, though, flourished in Japan. Therefore, when people think of tea ceremony, they first think the Japanese tea ceremony. Both Japanese tea ceremony and Chinese tea ceremony conform with the wisdom of oriental philosophy. Furthermore, Chinese tea ceremony reflects the central idea of Taoism, Confucian and Buddhism. That is, the peace. Chinese tea ceremony is about tea drinking, as well as nurturing body and soul, learning Chinese culture and manners, and purifying the mind. Chinese tea ceremony devotes particular care to the fine teas, clean tea water, heat control, tea sets and the peaceful environment.