Brand Story

Disrupting conventional ways of thinking and setting new standards for fashion and lifestyle, YUNZO was founded by JIE ZHANG in the year of 2018 in the UK.

Being a proud native of Yunnan, Jie comes from a province in southwestern China known for its diverse ethnic groups and varied artistic characteristics, which has had its part within the long lasting history of the Great China. Fascinated by rich cultural heritage and ancient crafts from a young age, JIE always wants to know more about the hidden stories of these people and their art.

When Jie visited various hundred-year-old villages in Yunnan, she saw villagers that originated from different ethnic minority groups, each with a unique craftsmanship that can create exquisite art pieces which no machines can ever replace. However, villagers and craftsmen are facing more and more difficulties when it comes to passing on these skills, development of local economies has resulted in a greater focus being placed on other skills when it comes to supporting a family. Therefore, these traditional skills are becoming endangered.

Driven to preserve valuable traditions and cultures from her hometown and help these poor craftsmen to improve their living condition, Jie decided to set about creating a business concerned on the very cultural heritage that for which she took an immense amount pride in and held Chinese heritage and creativity at its heart – a salute to the past as a creative cue...