Disrupting conventional ways of thinking and setting new standards for fashion and lifestyle, YUNZO was founded in 2017 by JIE Zhang.


JIE is a proud native of Yunnan, a province in southwestern China known for its rich cultural heritage, diverse ethnic groups and artistic character. Fascinated by culture and history since a young age, JIE sparked an idea whilst she was studying in the UK. As she was exposed to new ideas, people and western influences, JIE saw the opportunity to share the wonders of her hometown with the western world.


Blending rich cultural charm from Yunnan with contemporary British influences, JIE’s vision for YUNZO became clearer than ever. She wanted to build a brand that advocates Yunnan’s endangered ethnic specialities, culture and tradition. A brand that represents quality, modernity and forward-facing approaches.


JIE’s genuine passion for preserving art and culture is what drives YUNZO forward, and this is only the beginning for what she has in plan.


Stay tuned.